How much dietary fiber should you eat to be good for your body?

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We should eat about 25 grams of dietary fiber for women, 38 grams for men (under 50 years of age), and elderly people over 50 years of age should consume 21-30 grams of dietary fiber food.

We will know the amount that we can eat. By looking at the nutritional chart on the label of that product. Try to choose foods that have more fiber than in the case of similar products. And please feel comfortable that dietary fiber. The more you eat, the better. Except in the case of the elderly who may not eat too much UFABET 

How to add fiber to your daily diet?

  • Start your day with a fiber-rich meal, such as cereal with fresh fruit.
  • Add vegetables and beans to the soup. or curry that you eat
  • Add nuts and grains to the yogurt.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables instead of snacks or snacks such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
  • Choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. more than processing

For people who rarely eat foods that contain a lot of dietary fiber. It is recommended that you gradually Add fiber to your meals gradually. Don’t eat a lot at once. Don’t forget to drink more water. And if there is a problem with the digestive system for a long time. You should see a doctor to find the right treatment.