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Precautions for eating foods containing probiotics.

Most of the time, foods that contain probiotics are fermented foods that have a sour taste. Such as sour milk, kimchi and sour pickled cabbage. Therefore, there are precautions: Good microorganisms that come with delicious food don’t just come with good food taste. But it also helps

Causes of back pain.

No matter what age or gender, it is possible to have “back pain” because back pain comes from many causes. And the nature can tell you what disease you may be at risk for. What kind is it? What disease is it? Muscle inflammation A herniated bone

Health benefits of almond flour.

Almond flour is flour obtained by grinding almond seeds into powder. The steps are Blanch the almonds in hot water. To remove the outer shell. The seeds are then ground and sieved. To get fine almond flour It has a similar appearance to wheat flour and can be used to prepare

Fish oil and precautions for consumption.

Although fish oil is very safe for children and adults to eat. There are a few precautions to be aware. And learn to know before running to buy and eat. People who regularly consume.  There will be an increased risk of bleeding. because omega-3 In fish oil,

You should know before eating durian.

But did you know that durian is delicious and useful? But if not done correctly, it can also be life-threatening. Therefore, before eating. Let’s read knowledge ” you should know before eating durian” first. 1. Durian is a high-calorie fruit because 4-6 durian seeds provide 400 kilocalories, equivalent to

Late nights really make you “fat”?

It is true that staying up late nights regularly increases the risk of making us “fat”. If we don’t get enough sleep. This will result in lower levels of the satiety hormone leptin. As a result, the body does not feel as full as it should be.

How to protect eyes problems.

A working-age young woman who has to work in front of a computer screen all the time. There may be many eyes problems. Like the eyes, such as dry eyes, blurred vision, eyes allergic to light, eye muscles fatigue which if you don’t want it to escalate into