Thoroughly recommend playing three piles of 6 cards !

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Three piles of 6 cards have a payout rate of 0.97% , with a minimum of 5 tables and a maximum of 1000 tables. The minimum bet amount of 5 tables is 400 baht, but for the minimum stake of 1000 tables is 80000 baht. This game will be able to start the game if there are at least 2 players, but not more than 4 people per room.

Rules and regulations for playing the three-card six-card game.

The principle of memorizing the formula of playing three piles of 6 cards is easy to remember, which is 1-2-3 arrangement, i.e. the first row has 1 card, the second row has 2 cards, and the third row has 3 cards.


Row 1 has 1 card. Must have the least points.

Row 2 has 2 cards, their points must be more than row 1 but less than row 3.

Row 3 has 3 cards, must have the most points.

Divided into upper row, middle row and bottom row, arrange cards from the bottom row first because the bottom row must be cards. With the most points, most popular are straight flush cards, colored cards or cards in the middle row that have less points than the bottom row, but must have more points than the top row. For example, if the bottom row is a colored card The middle row must be a pair or high card, while the top row is usually a high card, only high card or High card if the first guard is the same. Let’s measure at the second controller without having to measure at the flower. ทางเข้า UFABET