‘Neville’ is up for chasing the ghost of Ego.

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Gary Neville, the famous guru, lashes out at the Manchester United player’s ego as the home side, but is not good enough to play for Manchester City or Liverpool, and warns the big boss Erik ten Hag. Ajax May take the name to the landfill at Old Trafford,

“Red Devils” defeated Everton 1-0 during the game on Saturday. giving a chance to win the top four Much harder than before

After receiving the form of “The Blues” and “Reds” who tied 2-2 last night, Neville turned to talk about the former agency without a face. the ufabet report

“I have a few words left for Manchester United, I’m not angry, I don’t want to comment,”

he said. You can almost expect this from them. The players were pulling Rangnick down with them. They are very bad.”

“When I look at Manchester City and Liverpool They have humble footballers. 

There is no big ego. They understand their position. The team always comes first.”

“Not a single Manchester United footballer can enter either of those two teams. And why is there still an ego like the wall of the house? Think for yourself that you don’t have to work hard. Or play like a dead one? I can’t see anything anymore,” he said


He will tell you to be very careful. To move to Manchester United because it may be a famous cemetery during this time

. Rangnick comes with a great reputation. But now he was starting to get hurt by what was going on around him. he looks weak Unstable at the edge of the field because of the playing form of the team on the field which he can’t do anything about.”

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a good guy, the players like him but they ruined him. This is an extremely difficult situation for the club.”