“Martial” was abandoned by his wife after having an issue of infidelity

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Anthony Martial reportedly asked to separate from his wife. After infidelity issues in recent years, the

26-year-old struggled to adjust to Sevilla during his loan spell in the second half of this season. After facing difficulties at Manchester United,

the results have led to the Spanish side’s speculation. That Martial will not sign Martial and will return to Old Trafford. summer

Recently, it was reported that Martial was also asked to part ways by his wife Melanie da Cruz due to problems arising from the player’s infidelity.

“Love is not enough,” the 30-year-old actress wrote on social media.

“Sometimes you have to stop running to win a race,” she continued with the enigmatic message.

A source close to the ufabet has revealed.”Things are not going very well for Martial on the pitch and it seems his home life is in trouble as well,”

said Melanie’s message to her fans. shock And that would be a continuation of the tragedy that happened to Anthony several months ago. They have to face hardships. What they care about is the well-being of his son and raising him well.”

In 2019, it was revealed that Martial was secretly dating French model Malika Semichy, while Mela. Here she is pregnant and is still in contact with her ‘second girlfriend’ for several months after her son opened his eyes to the world.