Jurgen Klopp half-time speech – believes may have to win the last match

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool’s assist back has revealed that Normal One manager Jurgen Klopp was trying to encourage his players to return to their games at half-time before their 2-2 draw with Manchester City.

“The Blues” was much superior in the first half. during the game at the Etihad Stadium last night Before half-time, they had a 2-1 lead

, however, the “Reds” came to score a goal from Sadio Mane at the beginning of the second half. Before the end of the game by dividing the team by points to win the championship,

Trent revealed, “We want to win every match on the field. no matter who the competitors are It says a lot from how disappointed we were when we came here and didn’t win.”

“For us not losing a game is important. We are still in a good position. but it was in their hands. This happened a few years ago.”

“They have a good performance. And we can’t take advantage of this. Hopefully this time they will drop some points.” the UFABET report

“Overall, the first half was not for us. We don’t play football the way we want to. and when we play football We scored goals.”

“This is one of the messages the manager told us. “Play your own football” We went out with something to prove. Scored goals, equalized early. But they couldn’t create many chances after that.”

“They had better chances. It’s disappointing to not be able to find a chance. We don’t create enough opportunities. We know they have weaknesses. and when we play well We attacked their weaknesses.”

“People might say we pushed through the game. But this is part of the game.

” There are still seven games left in the Premier League. Every week there are always surprising results. We just hope it’s not us but City.”

“There are seven games left, a lot of things can happen. Who knows what will happen? Hopefully we can create a surprise. It may have to win until the last day again.”