Important person! Pud ‘Marina’ continues to take care of Chelsea.

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According to The ufabet , Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia. Will be offered the opportunity to remain in charge after the takeover ends

. Wich has been the owner of the team throughout his career. With the main duties in the management of the club. And has received great praise from the transfer of players and negotiating important contracts.

The main topic that people who are interested in buying “Chelsea”. are interested is wanting to keep a big Russian-Canadian executive. with the next club? which the latest report claims The four bid-as-you-go teams will keep the 47-year-old girl at Stamford Bridge,

Russian-Canadian executive Granovskaia – who has worked. for Roman Abramovich throughout her career – runs the day-to-day operations of the club and has received praise for her handling of transfer and contractual matters. 

With further details detailing that. Whoever becomes the new owner will try to maintain the influence that “Jay Marina” has with the club. Although her existence may be a dilemma. Because of her relationship with “Agu”.

Prior to joining Chelsea’s board of directors in 2003. Marina worked with oil giant Zibneft since 1997 and has been a key adviser to Abramovich for the past 18 years

. He took over as director of the club in 2013 and recently received an award. “Best European club manager as director” during the Golden Boy award announced by Tuttosport in Italy last year.