girlfriend’s mother shuffled ‘Ronaldo’ to apologize like asking

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The mother of a young Everton fan who was knocked down by a phone has apologized to Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for a “gracious and rude” apology.

After the 1-0 defeat to Everton on Saturday, Ronaldo was furious that junior Everton fan Jacob Harding tried to photograph the wound on his shin as he walked back into the tunnel. The nut came off, brushed off the mobile phone and dropped it to the ground until it was damaged. It has become a hot topic right now.

Hours after the incident, Ronaldo issued a statement apologizing and offering to invite the emotional child to attend the game at Old Trafford,

but most recently, his mother, Salah Kelly. of the youngster Jacob Has come out to blame Ronaldo that until now has not personally contacted to apologize and did not want to receive an invitation to go see United

“An apology or a lack of apology makes me even more angry,” Salah told The Telegraph.

“I think it’s rude.. you’re telling everyone you’re sorry but you really didn’t do it, actually you did it on social media. But you should apologize to my son.”

“He (Ronaldo) had hours to reflect on this. He should have the details to contact us…in private. Said to talk to us and slowly made some announcements I would be very ok if that was the case

. Just do something from the heart. More than Ronaldo to say “Fans can go to me.”

“It’s rude to me . Why do we as Everton fans go to see United? He uses the term ‘fans’, not even Everton or United fans. It’s a terrible apology in my opinion.” the UFABET report

“This is our first time (watching football together), Jacob is obsessed with Everton and football. It’s his passion. the game is perfect both in terms of victory and experience The good times before the incident I only miss the last 5 seconds. everything is broken It was shocking.”

“I asked him, Want to go see United? Ronaldo said we could go, he replied ‘No…Mom, I don’t want to see him again’. Because Ronaldo is one of the reasons he goes to see United’s games.”