Betting on poker What’s the biggest bounce?

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Hello, today we would like to introduce the most popular card games that many people must know. that’s a game Poker bounce online that if talking about bouncing tight. that every gambler must know Because it is a game that is easy to play, easy to understand, how to play, and betting is easy. Today we come to introduce how to see the bounce cards . poker technique How to bet to get money, poker bounce, what’s the biggest, blind card, what is a master card? 

How to see scores of poker cards, what is the biggest?

Viewing points and counting points Important in playing poker Today we will look at the points in that game. Which card score is the largest? 

1. Pok 9 is a card that the dealer has dealt 2 cards and has a total of 9 points. It is the largest card in playing Pokdeng. Payout ratio 1 : 1

2. Pok 8 is a card that the dealer has dealt 2 cards and has a total of 8 points. It is considered the inferior card from Pok 9, the payout ratio is 1 : 1.

3. Three cards are cards that have the same number of 3 cards, which are three cards that have a triangle, which is the largest of the three cards. Payout ratio 5 : 1

4. Master cards are cards that have 3 KQJ cards together, for example, QQJ or KKQ, etc. The payout ratio is 3 : 1.

5. Sort card is a card with 3 numbers in a row, with the smallest rank card being 2 3 4 and the lined card with the largest rank is QKA, payout ratio 3 : 1.

6. A bounce card is a card with 2 same flowers, it is called 2 bounces or has 2 same numbers, such as 3 and 3, it will be 6 points, 2 bounces, payout ratio 2 : 1, but if there is the same flower 3 The bill is called 3 bounce, payout ratio 3 : 1 ทางเข้า UFABET