Short hairstyle ideas that are suitable for people with long faces.

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Tips for choosing a hairstyle for girls with long faces to be beautiful and confident : It is consider good luck for girls with long faces. Because in addition to being able to wear your hair in every style You can still wear your hair short without fear of having a big face. However, girls with long faces should have a few tricks when choosing a short hairstyle. To make your face look beautiful and chic and not make your face look more slender than before. By keeping your bangs straight. or side-swept bangs To help the bangs come down to cover the forehead, making the face more proportionate. Or you may use hair styling techniques by curling or curling your hair into loose waves to help make your hair look softer, more beautiful, and sweeter.

people with long faces.

When it’s time to update your hairstyle. Cutting your hair short is another way to improve your appearance. And you also get the feeling of changing your style. But before deciding what kind of short haircut to have. Of course, choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape is very important.

Especially girls with long faces. The key to choosing a short haircut is Choose a style that maintains facial balance. and does not make the face look longer than before The best short hairstyle for people with a long face is A bob that’s messy or a mod style with the tip of the hair curled toward the face.

Short, shoulder-length, curly bob.

This hairstyle is a cheek-length bob style. Or cut and slice the hair up to the chin area. It is considered another style that is suitable for women with long faces. Because it will make your face look fuller. And letting the hair fall down on both sides of the cheeks It will help increase the width of the face at the forehead and temples. Including wearing bangs that help hide the forehead area which will help make the face look shorter. Including curling your hair into soft waves. It can also increase the width of the head.

Short hairstyles that are shoulder length.

Shoulder-length hair or a hairstyle that is no longer than half the length of the back. It is considered a hairstyle that is just right for girls with long faces because having very long hair. It will put more emphasis on making the face look longer. However, the hair should be thick. or curl it loosely Joining together will help. Because if you cut your hair very thin Or cut it to make the sideburns look long. It will further emphasize the facial structure and make it look longer as well. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Short pixie hairstyle (Pixie crop).

Girls with long faces recommend cutting it into a short pixie-style hairstyle with thick bangs to help hide the forehead area. and helps make the length of the face look shorter However, the hair should be made to look like it has volume. To make the face look balanced and soft